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Fishing Report Posted: April 23, 2003

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Posted by Homerun Charters on April 23, 2003 at 14:35:36:

Hello -

Although we are not seeing any white bass yet - which are the signs of the
last half of the walleye run - we are working harder to catch our walleye.
Our party of two fished this morning for 2 hours with not much luck. Snagged
(and released) one walleye. We were also bringing back our jigs with walleye
scales on the hook. That means that we are bouncing the back of walleye in
productive water. Occasionally carp or buffalo are snagged but their scales
are much bigger. You can tell when you get on of those hooked up. But for
some reason or another they were not active today.

A little colder than normal also this morning. I think some rain and warmer
nights would give the run a breath of fresh air. That would stir up the
feeder creeks and put new bait in the water, fish would be on the feed. We
have not had any good rainfalls in the past 2 weeks. Water level is low at
578 and barely over your boots when you cross to bluegrass island.

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