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Fishing Report Posted: March 21, 2003

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[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]

Posted by Homerun Charters on March 21, 2003 at 11:56:16:

We fished yesterday and today. I can say that there are fish in the water but the real beginning stages of the run have not started yet.

The fishing was slow with only a few of our friendly brown bass (carp, buffalo) being caught.

I would expect this weekend to be the first true weekend with decent chances of catching your walleye. Conditions are heating up and the prospects for this weekend look decent. Water level is at 584 (too high to get to Bluegrass) and about 43 degrees. The rain we had on Thursday didn't change the already muddy water. That type of water is completely normal for this time of year.

Try your same floater combos and buy them at Zaps. I suggest bright colors.

another sad note :
saw a man anchor his boat off the back end into the river. ALWAYS ANCHOR OFF THE BOW(FRONT) OF THE BOAT. His small boat capsized. They found one dead body and are still searching for the second. This is a tragedy and shouldn't happen. This happened yesterday. If you are unsure about anything ask educated locals or the DNR.

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[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]