Fishing Report for the week of 5/12/02.: Port Clinton, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: May 13, 2002

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 13, 2002 at 15:35:42:

Going nowhere fast. That�s the best way to describe this year�s water temperature here at the western basin. The temperature off of Toledo Harbor has been stuck at 51� for about a month now. I�ve never seen anything like it. The cold, rainy, and very windy spring has stalled everything, including this year�s spring Walleye bite. Except for about a 10-day stretch in April during the peak of the spawning period, the Walleye fishing has been tough. This past week was the same story. Very high winds and gales blew Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesday and most of the day on Saturday were descent so we elected to troll on "The Trophy". We did get eight Walleyes both days. Saturday�s fish were a nice size and we did have one on Tuesday that went around 8 or 9 pounds. All of the fish were caught on Stinger spoons fished behind Jet Divers about 100 ft. back. We were fishing way north trying to find clean water. Best action was about 3 miles west of North Bass Island. The water was still very murky. The marks on the fishfinder are just incredible. I just know if we ever get three days in a row, this area is going to explode. If it doesn�t happen soon, a lot of the fish will begin to migrate east and this won�t help matters for folks that only fish the western basin.

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