Fishing Report for the week of 4/28/02.: Port Clinton, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: April 29, 2002

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 29, 2002 at 17:36:36:

Tough! That�s the best way to describe this past week�s weather and fishing. Gale force or near gale force winds blew last Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Thursday and again this Saturday and Sunday. We got a couple days in but the very dirty water has really slowed things down. We did best jigging blade baits on the sloping drop offs surrounding Niagara Reef. We had 8 fish one day and 13 the next. I was surprised to get any on the blades because the last few times we hit the reefs, it appeared that this type of fishing was all but over. Here�s the scoop on what everyone else did this week. Trolling went from as good as it gets to nothing. Most trollers, even the better charters were either getting just flat skunked or maybe a fish. Lots of marks on the graph but these fish have totally turned off. There was a little "bite" on the slopes surrounding Crib Reef. A couple of the charters got in the "teens" using jigs tipped with a piece of night crawler. I heard of a few fish caught on bottom bouncers and night crawlers also this week. We tried it but didn�t catch anything. There was a little action way west by Toledo, west of the "ditch". Boats limited out the couple days that you could fish but these Walleyes were very, very small. I guess they were using jigs tipped with either a minnow or worm. As I am writing this Sunday night, the wind is still howling and the water is muddy as far as you can see. Not good. The water temperature off of Toledo Harbor is 51�.

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