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Fishing Report Posted: July 31, 2016

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 31, 2016 at 13:36:00:

A pleasant week! In all the years I’ve been writing my fishing reports, I don’t think that I have used that particular adjective to describe the past weeks fishing. But it just seemed fitting to do so this week. It wasn’t that things were that very spectacular or anything like that. It was just nice consistent fishing with eventual limit catches of really nice fish for everyone regardless of my group size. I was blessed with some smaller party sizes this week and they in turn were rewarded with just the right amount of action to make their trips very memorable. After running larger groups for many years, it was very pleasant to have the smaller party sizes where everything is so much more personal for all involved. That was always my goal as I begin to slow down here in my final years and get more selective with what trips I decide to accept anymore. I remind everyone that this year we are only accepting and running 4 person trips maximum.

Another thing that made this past week so pleasant was the delightful real summer like weather. Not that it didn’t get hot and miserable in the afternoons which it did but we were never out there after it got that hot having finished up already and back to the dock way before then. As I mentioned last week, we having been striving to get off the dock at 4:00 am to get in on the good early morning action and to get our fish and get the heck out of there before the real heat of the day sets in. At 4am and for the the first handful of hours in the morning it has been cool and comfortable out there. We also had no storms this week up until Saturday morning where we had to deal with a bit of weather. But Monday through Friday we had no high winds or big waves to worry about. Just nice summer weather.

We have really settled into on our deep water summer trolling techniques aboard “The Trophy” now. Wire fishing line and Jr. Thunder Sticks have been our staple lures. We have however bought into the hype and recently dabbled with the newly popular “Bay Rats” lures that are now sweeping the lake. They don’t look much different then the larger full size Thunder Sticks that we normally round out our late summer season with except that they have a slightly larger bill I believe. They have a interesting line of new colors that meet a lot of the criteria that I look for in a Walleye lure. My lead off picture in this report features one that I particularly like. I am not sure how much I am going to be using these new lures in my line up but I can tell you that they do seem to work well. Better then a Thunder Stick? I don’t think so but at least equally as well I am thinking at this time. When we start favoring the larger lures as the fish continue to go deeper, I will experiment some more with them.

So tomorrow is August already. Can you even imagine? We only have about a month and a half of Walleye trips left on the schedule now and then a couple of handful of Perch trips and season 2016 will be in the books. It’s slipping away quickly. I guess it’s not too early to mention that if you would like a Perch charter with me this fall you probably should get a hold of me real soon here. Openings left are limited and I expect to fill up as I always do. Especially with the boat coming out in early October this year. All part of my “slowing down” package that I have outlined for myself in this 30th year of chartering. I am secretly already really starting to look forward to the off season I must admit. Especially when my alarm goes off every morning at 2:30 am! Lol! But for now, we still have some serious fishing left to do Check back again next week...

Capt. Walt
Celebrating Our 30th Season!

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