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Fishing Report Posted: July 24, 2016

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 24, 2016 at 12:48:27:

A pretty good week! After a few weeks of working as hard as I’ve ever worked trying to make things happen for my guests, this past week was a bit easier. A bit... I wouldn’t get carried away and go as far as to say that the fish have finally gotten here but I would definitely say that the fish that are already here are really feeding now. We’ve had some real heat now and water temperatures keep rising. When the water warms the Walleyes metabolism really soars and they become real feeding machines. All this season thus far I have not seen the fish that we did manage to catch puke and spit up as much smelt and shiners as our fish did this past week. My fish box at the end of the day when we went to dump it has been just loaded with all kinds of little fish that the Walleyes that we had captured had regurgitated!

The fish that “The Trophy” has been chasing this past week have still been found in multiple areas. We literally fished three distinct bands on various days. There are fish out by the Canadian line, a fair band about mid point and we even pulled some fish in some skinny water this past week when weather dictated that we didn’t go out too far. Most of the days this past week weren't so ridiculously rough that when we did hit a nice pocket of fish that we couldn’t stay with them. And unlike past weeks where sometimes it didn’t pay to keep working a little area for a long time, this past week when we got something going for ourselves, it kept working. I was a little nervous with the extremely full moon this past week that so many times spells total disaster for our daylight fishing but it didn’t seem to be much of a factor this past week.

As we enter our final week of July now and stare August, traditionally our hottest month of the year right in the face I can not stress the importance of leaving the dock super early! Especially if we are traveling the longer distances that we are now. We’ve been pulling off at 4:00am sharp here lately to get a jump on things and to beat the heat. This past week it really paid off as most days we had a ticket plus before I ever even turned my lights off. Some really nice fish too! Man, I love to see those monster Walleyes wallering in behind the boat with their big eyes aglow under all my lights! It is so peaceful and pretty out there at that hour of the day too before all the other boaters show up. And man that full moon this week! Although from a point of fishing I really hate it, it truly was spectacular to see this week as it cast it’s bright light over the water and was reflected. Simply stunning!

So as I mentioned we are entering our last week of July now. Was this a fast month or what! Fishing is finally showing some signs of improvement. Not that we haven’t been doing OK all along but maybe to the point where we don’t all have to be surgeons out there dissecting little patches of actively feeding fish as strategically as we have had to up to now to catch some. And if a few more spill into the area from points unknown, we’ll really be in business! They are certainly more then over due if they ever do get here! And if not, there is still enough fish out there to do well on most days when the weather cooperates. Sadly, it’s more important to have decent conditions to work with out there then it is just to have huge schools of fish out there! We’ll see. As always, it is what it is. That’s it for yet another week. Stay tuned...

Capt. Walt
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