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Fishing Report Posted: June 19, 2016

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 19, 2016 at 12:05:43:

Monsters and Babies! It was another week of some serious sorting through all the shorty's to get our keepers again this past week. All I can tell you is that the future looks very bright indeed for all of Lake Erie. The big fish and babies are all mixed in together and they are EVERYWHERE! There is just no rhyme or reason to it. You catch a 31 incher and the very next rod that fires is maybe a 8 or 9 incher. The week before last week the 14 inchers invaded us. They are still out there big time but there is also now a real onslaught of one year olds ranging in size from 7 to 10 inches. You can hardly tell they are on your lines at times!

Oh, and did I mention the White Bass? Just like the last couple few years where we got invaded right around mid June with zillions of White Bass, here we go again. And unlike the nuisance little Walleyes that still put a smile on my face, the White Bass onslaught is exhausting and frustrating both. Now not only do we have to weed through all of the two year classes of under size aggressive Walleyes, suddenly we are plummeted with these stinking creeps too. And yet, through it all we are pulling some really nice big fish. We took more 31 inch Walleyes this past week then we have altogether the last month combined that Iíve been running trips here. Monsters and babies. AND WHITE BASS! Errrrrrrrr!

And the weather, well lets just say it was another challenging week. Not a big deal for those that only fish one day or two a week and can pick your days but tough for those professionals that are scheduled to go 7 days a week. We had it all. Thunderstorms like those that we had on Thursday that chased us off the lake not only once but twice in the same day! Exhausting pulling everything in and making a high speed run for the barn to play it safe. And then venture out again only to have more pop up storms blossom out of nowhere and force us to retreat once again. Then followed up with small craft flags on Friday making for a very choppy lake. Doable, but not necessarily the most comfortable of days. Still we caught a nice big tub of fish including a beautiful Steelhead Trout which thus far this season has been few and far between.

So next weeks forecast looks rather tranquil. I think Iím going to continue to push ďThe TrophyĒ northward in search of the larger migrating schools of Walleyes. Everything is always like clock work around here on the big lake and very repetitious. Just like how the White Bass showed up, Iím sure the larger schools of larger Walleyes canít be far behind. I guess Iíll have to be the first one to really stick my nose out there and look. Honestly, I am getting quite bored running back and fourth in the same near shore waters. It wasnít so bad before all the other boaters started Walleye fishing. Now between the junk fish, boat traffic and the toddler Walleyes, Iím ready to go get lost somewhere offshore all by myself and hunt down some of those migrating piggies! I got a sneaking feeling when we do find them out there, the Steelies wonít be far behind either . Maybe next week youíll hear me complaining about how the trout are now attacking me too! Whaaa whaaa whaaa! Lol!

Capt. Walt
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