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Fishing Report Posted: May 29, 2016

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 29, 2016 at 14:12:01:

Quietly catching fish. Without much fanfare or any attention, The Trophy has been very busy fishing Ashtabula for the last two weeks already and doing quite well. Perhaps not limits everyday but more then enough fish where we could hold our heads up quite high back at the dock when we got in. Not that there has been anybody around besides the fish cleaners to see it! After all, ďitís too early for WalleyesĒ at Ashtabula! lol!

Most of the days that we spent plowing the near shore waters for these early season fish, we never even seen another boat out there! Troll where you want, turn when you want, it has been totally awesome. Then I read and hear about everyone's boat traffic nightmares elsewhere on the lake. I donít miss any of that, thatís for sure! And no junk fish! When a rod fires, itís guaranteed itís a big Walleye on the other end! We have been so close to the break walls on some day and still catching fish that I swear we could hit it with a rock it seems! I sooooo wish it could be like that all summer long but we all know it wonít so I am really enjoying it while it lasts! And the fish are being caught high on short leads. None of the 400Ė500 foot of cranking that we have to do later in the summer after everybody else gets started fishing! lol! Short leads and Jet Divers. You canít beat it.

And the fish have been as per usual around here, HUGE! What we lacked in total numbers for fish on some trips, we more then made up for in quality! I had two different long distance groups that took home some serious poundage of fillets for their efforts! The last time I seen it by the way, they were selling for about $17 bucks a pound at the fish market if you can even find it! One group was in from South Dakota for a 3 day trip and another was in from Wisconsin's for 4 days! Both groups were rewarded with great weather and good fishing. Thanks guys! I really enjoyed the friendship and the fun that we had together not to mention the business.

So without running to Facebook or any of the fishing forums only on the days that we do good, I guess Iíll start posting my actual reports here as I always do. Good, bad, or ugly... I always tell it like it is. Itís just fishing after all. You donít have to be a hero everyday. Just try your hardest and donít lie. Thatís what weíve done for 30 years now and my schedule reflects that. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend and if youíre out on the water anywhere on Mother Erie this weekend, lets be extra careful out there! Here's to another GREAT SUMMER!

(*we just took a cancellation for Thursday June the 9th for anyone that might be looking for a trip)

Capt. Walt

Celebrating Our 30th Season!

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