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Fishing Report Posted: September 27, 2015

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 27, 2015 at 10:12:50:

Spectacular fall weather! We slipped into fall this past week meteorologically according to the calendar but you would have never had known it if you were out and about this past week. It was sunny everyday with no rain and fairly light winds each day. The lake cooperated nicely all week long as well. Although it really wasn’t by my choice but we ended up still Walleye fishing again several days of this past week. And we caught 30 Walleyes! It just took 3 days to do it! Lol! The Walleye fishing for us aboard “The Trophy” was at about the same pace as the latter part of the week before. Just very slow. Obviously the bulk of the fish have moved on now with a few stragglers remaining out there in my honest opinion.

But a lot of the Walleyes that we did catch were real trophies! I know of at least one that we caught that went straight to the taxidermists and a couple others that probably should have! It was very lonely out there again for us fishing for the Walleyes this past week. Everybody is Perching now everyday. I didn’t have to worry about a single other boat in my way out there all of the days that we Walleyed. There simply weren't any anywhere to be seen where I was fishing. I enjoyed that part of it anyway. The junk fish seemed to have eased some as well now. In fact with the Walleyes being very slow and the seemingly easing of the White Bass and Sheephead, there was actually long periods of just staring at the rods riding around. That hasn't happened to me since way back in the spring of this year. It definitely is coming to an end out there for offshore trolling for us.

The days that we didn’t Walleye fish, we Perch fished. That went very well for us and most everybody else out there. It’s just unbelievable to see how big the Perch pack of boats has been out there, especially on the weekends! Fish cleaning back at the marina has been a real problem upon returning back to the dock as well. If you're not one of the first few coolers in line to be cleaned, you are in for a LONG wait! They just get backed up so very quickly in there and although the cutters are very talented, it takes a lot longer to clean a cooler full of say a couple hundred Perch compared to a couple dozen Walleyes. The fish cutters are simply exhausted standing in one spot cleaning thousand of Perch everyday for about 12 hours straight. I simply do not know how they do it frankly. And they only work for half of the money with the other half going straight to the marina contrary to what some might think. I sincerely hope that everyone tips their fish cleaners very well for the excellent services rendered. Those guys of all people REALLY deserve it!

So, this week we finally flip the page to October. It’s just about all over for me now for yet another year. Next week will be my final fishing report for the season as well. The weekend after that, “The Trophy” comes out of the water for a well deserved off season's rest . I will be very busy cleaning everything up and winterizing the boat and the campsite where I stay about a mile up river that weekend also. There will be no time for any reports. Nor is there really a whole lot to talk about when you just Perch fish. And I plan on STRICTLY Perch fishing now these next two weeks. I don’t care how bad anybody begs me! Lol! I just like the fish cleaners am simply exhausted at this point from it all and have had more then my fill of everything. I simply want to go out now these final two weeks and anchor up and relax and jerk some Perch. I may even break all the trolling gear down and send it all home so that it will not be open for any kind of debate. It’s just time. Be sure to check back next week for one last final fishing report and some parting words. Till then...

Capt. Walt

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