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Fishing Report Posted: August 23, 2015

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 23, 2015 at 15:19:57:

Same ole, same ole. I could probably save myself a lot of time this week and just copy and paste any number of my past fishing reports from the past month or so and it would pretty much be spot on and describe how things went for us again this past week. Early on in the work week we had the heat to deal with again but the fishing was good. Oh yeah, and we had the bugs too. Wednesday we had a strong south wind that we had to troll out with and then have to deal with the long teeth jarring ride home hitting the waves right on the nose as we went. But again, fishing was good. And then Thursday and Friday, typical of practically every week this summer a strong cold front swept down the lake and created a unfishable condition for two whole days. Nobody in the harbor went for the Walleyes offshore as far as I know. Another set of lost days for me and all the other charters. Pretty much the same as many of the other past weeks where we have been loosing a day or so a week to a bad lake.

There was some good new news this past week as a secondary band of fish somewhat closer then the Canadian border batch that we have been fishing is seemingly to be setting up around the 11 to 15 miles out mark. Aboard “The Trophy” we decided to give this area a whirl after some reliable reports started to surface saving me from having to make the dreaded 20 to 25 mile run that I’ve been doing for so very long now. And there are definitely Walleye there! We pulled limits several days in a row before the two day blow hit us. A little more of a real mixed bag size wise with some smaller fish mixed in with still some biggies.

Otherwise these somewhat “closer in” fish are holding at the same water depths that their northern cousins are in. Most are still seemingly suspended down deep anywhere from 50 to 65 foot down in water 72-73 foot deep. Wire line with deep diving crank baits and long leads on the Dipsys Divers are still doing most all of the damage for most everyone regardless of where they are fishing. We did enjoy some limited success with our downriggers also aboard “The Trophy” this past week which have been very flat thus far most of the summer. I don’t know why they don’t do better earlier in the summer but usually towards the end of the year they start to shine on a few days. I love it when they do start to work well! Way more fun then reeling in a 500 foot plus board line!

So once again I got a chance to rest up some with the unexpected days off. Also making the slightly shorter runs was really nice and saved some additional wear and tear on the body and spirit. We’ll see if this holds up as we move into this final week of August. They should actually keep moving on in closer as we get into the fall months. We’ll see. It’s been one bizarre summer thus far and who knows what will happen. OK that will about do it for this weeks report. I’m still trying hard to keep these reports shorter but already find myself rambling on! Lol! Oh, there is one other thing! Departure time for my upcoming charters is now 5:00am. If you have a trip scheduled for this coming week, please note! Alrighty, till next week...

Capt. Walt

*I would like to remind all of my upcoming charters. As I have been simply asking all along now for the last few years, please try your very hardest to keep your group size to a very comfortable, more personal experience of 4 people for everyone involved. I myself just flat out DO NOT WANT more then that on my boat anymore for these summer trolling trips. This is not a hard rule or policy (yet) but if you folks want to keep me happy and chartering for years to come, you will do this for me and for yourselves. Also, we ABSOLUTELY need to be off the dock now by 5:00am at the VERY LATEST! Our best fishing is ALWAYS at the crack of dawn and WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THAT OPPORTUNITY! Please, DO NOT BE Late! I am at the boat and ready to roll everyday by 5:00am and if you want to catch lots of fish, you will be ready as well!

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