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Fishing Report Posted: August 16, 2015

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 16, 2015 at 14:49:05:

Good fishing. A good ways out. Under not so good lake conditions again this past week. It was a great week weather wise. If YOU WERE ON LAND that is! It was another terribly windy week for us. The days were pleasant enough. Sunny and warm but oh my the wind. Not very many charters went Walleye fishing besides ďThe TrophyĒ out of Ashtabula Harbor this past Monday through Friday. Many that did go out at all converted their Walleye trips just to Perch trips electing to stay much closer to shore and fish for the way easier to catch pan fish. We ourselves just stuck to our program and with the right crews onboard for the nasty conditions each day, we pounded our way up north and fished for the big toothy ones that everybody this time of year wants. But once we got there, the fishing was very good for us. A few days we spent way more time traveling then it did to knock out our limits!

This weeks report is going to be a much shorter one. There just isnít all that much new to talk about frankly. I look back at some of my past reports and I tell you Iím putting way more effort into these weekly reports/ blogs then I ever intended on doing so. Itís also getting to that point in the season where I am pretty tired all of the time anymore and it just isnít as appealing for me now to sit in front of a keyboard all cross eyed and write up a whole big write up. Basically we are still fishing way out, this August has been one windy SOB, and we aboard ďThe TrophyĒ are still catching good. Pretty much end of story.

So Iíll just let these pictures from this past week tell the story. In fact that will probably be the trend for the remainder of this season. Much shorter reports unless there is something new or there is much more to talk about.

Who knows what the lake conditions are going to be this coming week. Certainty not the hopeless and clueless NOAA and National Weather Service doesn't. I know all other indications point to the return of some real heat for this third week of August already. Man, I really donít care what it does. Rain. Sunny. Hot... I donít care. Just turn off the friggin WIND! I know that I canít do many more of these daily super rough days and this terrible rut that we seem to be stuck in. So thatís it. A new more abbreviated version of my weekly report. Lets see if I can muster up enough strength next week to put a few more of my thoughts on paper. I mean on screen that is! Lol! Stay cool everyone!

Capt. Walt

*I would like to remind all of my upcoming charters. As I have been simply asking all along now for the last few years, please try your very hardest to keep your group size to a very comfortable, more personal experience of 4 people for everyone involved. I myself just flat out DO NOT WANT more then that on my boat anymore for these summer trolling trips. This is not a hard rule or policy (yet) but if you folks want to keep me happy and chartering for years to come, you will do this for me and for yourselves. Also, we ABSOLUTELY need to be off the dock now by 4:30am at the VERY LATEST! Our best fishing is ALWAYS at the crack of dawn and WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THAT OPPORTUNITY! Please, DO NOT BE Late! I am at the boat and ready to roll everyday by 4:30am and if you want to catch lots of fish, you will be ready as well!

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]