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Fishing Report Posted: September 21, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 21, 2014 at 13:58:12:

Still Walleye fishing. Still catching! Well it was another choppy week out on the big pond this past week offshore. Maybe some of the Perch jerkers would say otherwise anchored in real close but it was nothing short of miserable for me. Blowing and white caps everyday. And I mean every day. Not huge waves where we might have second guessed our decision to go but just persistent 3 to 4 footers everyday. What was weird and I don’t know that I have seen that for a whole week before was the daily 180 degree swings in wind direction. One day it was almost dead out of the south, the next day almost dead out of the north. Then again back to the south the following day. This went on all week long! The only thing that didn't change was the velocity. It was just a stiff, steady cold persistent wind no matter which way it blew.

Yet the Walleye fishing was fairly steady for us. The only difference that I noticed was that the fish seemed to be much deeper then they have been at any point this whole summer and they are definitely moving back towards shore some. I chased the big fish into water as shallow as 65 foot this past week but the very best seemed to be around 68-69 foot with the fish being just a few feet off the bottom. We actually ran our lures so deep this past week that each day we were picking up a handful of really dandy sized Yellow Perch along with our Walleyes. That along with the fact that I have been moving into the range where they can be caught also. Oh well, at least they aren't White Bass! And speaking of which, in the slightly shallower waters that I have been working for the Walleyes the White Bass have been much more scarce. If we did get one, it was a really big one. And if I dare say, virtually no Sheephead either! And another thing that was practically non existent was any other Walleye anglers out there. It seems like most everybody else has slipped into the Perch fishing mode by now.

Speaking of which, “The Trophy” also joined the ranks of Perch jerkers out there over the weekend. And you guessed it. Still under a extremely choppy sea condition. Both days Saturday and Sunday though ended up being very productive despite the rough water for us unlike last weekend where we really struggled in that crap. Saturday we started out in 54 foot of water. After putting about 90 Perch in the box things died completely on us and I thought, oh boy here we go again. I ended up pulling anchor and moving further out by about a mile or so to about 61 foot. After a slow start again at this second spot we ended up getting them worked up pretty good and caught the other 90 that we needed that day in rather fast fashion. I was sure to mark this spot on my plotter for the next day. Sunday greeted us with rain, thunder and a very stiff southwest wind. With none of the lightning near us at departure time and Saturdays catch still fresh in my mind, we went straight to my red X on my plotter from my second move the day before. We no sooner got anchored up and it was immediately game on! Doubles and even triples were very common. In a matter of couple of hours time we knocked out 180 beautiful Yellow Perch plus a bonus 30 inch Walleye that hit our Perch rig! When we landed it, it spit up a couple of PERCH! Imagine that! Lol!

So this coming week, the last full week of September is looking to be pretty decent in the weather department once we get past Monday which sounds pretty bad. if you put any faith in their seven day forecasts that is. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that it will most likely be the nicest lake conditions that we have had in many weeks. How do I know that or would even dare to say that? Well because I practically have all of next week completely wide open! Lol! That’s just the way it seems to work for me. You gotta love it! Anyway if anybody is interested in going fishing aboard “The Trophy” this coming week, we are definitely looking for some sponsors! Again still at this point we can do either a Walleye Charter or Perch Charter. It’s your choice as long as the weather holds and there are still some Walleyes hanging around. Give me a call if you are interested. If I don’t get any calls, I might just have to slip out there and catch a few Walleyes for my own freezer for a change before it’s too late. Especially with the big fish slipping back into somewhat easier striking distance. We’ll see...

Capt. Walt

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