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Fishing Report Posted: August 10, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 10, 2014 at 05:30:03:

A perfect week! Perfect weather with perfect limit catches. We just had just one of the most delightful weeks of this whole summer. After a less then perfect July at least in the weather department, this past week was about as nice as it gets. Even nicer maybe then in a normal hot summer where we would be sweating away in the August heat. It was just very comfortable and even almost coolish in the early morning hours. A pleasant change from other years where we were getting burnt up by the hot sun and high humidity that August often brings. It sure is a different kind of summer. We didn’t have a lot of rain or thunderstorms or big winds either to combat the whole week long which made my job a lot easier and things much more comfortable for my fishing guests. Just pretty much perfect!

Walleye fishing remained very good offshore. We fished a variety of different spots throughout the week, all with the same good results. “The Trophy” spent several days to the east of the harbor, couple days straight out, and even back out NW of the harbor. It didn’t seem to matter. There is just a lot of fish everywhere out there right now. Most of our trolls this past week were long, one way trolls. There was no need to rush into any turns to stay on the fish. In fact, most of the time when I started to think that we really ought to go into a turn, we would hook another fish or two and it would squelch those plans. A very good problem! Couldn't turn because we constantly had fish on! I think we had more triples and quadruples hooked up this week then any other week this whole summer as well. Man, when it’s good, it’s really GOOD!

The Walleyes themselves seem to be stacked up pretty uniformly in the 50 to 60 foot down range in better then 70 foot plus of water. Lots of “hooks” showing up on the fish finders right now practically every where you look offshore. Aboard “The Trophy”, we have been running the wire line program off of the big planer boards to get our lures down to them. Storm Thundersticks have been our weapons of choice. I really don’t think colors seem to matter out there either right now. Just get the lures down to the right depth, run them at the right speed, find the right angle in the troll direction that doesn’t fight whatever currents may be flowing down deep and just hold on! Many times we don’t even get the lines clipped up to the planer board line. They are snapping them right out of our hands as we work the rods around. Pretty amazing stuff!

So, it looks like perhaps there may be a bit of a further cool down coming this upcoming week. We’re only talking a handful of degrees but that should insure that we’re not going to get baked out there again this coming week. Right now, the marine forecast does not reflect any higher winds in the forecast but I wouldn't be surprised if the “cooler” weather that they are talking about didn’t come in with at least some stronger “breezes”. I suppose it would be too much to ask for another week as pleasant as the one that had just passed. I guess as always, we will just have to see what rolls around and just deal with it as it happens. I don’t think anything could slow down the great fishing at this point that is taking place out there right now. There are just way too many fish in the region for anything to change any time soon. And that in itself is just PERFECT!

Capt. Walt

* It is imperative to be setting lines with the very first hint of daylight. And with that said, I would like to have all of my upcoming trips that might be reading this report to take note and PLEASE be at the dock between 4:30 and 5:00am at the VERY latest. Fishing is the very best the first few hours of daylight and we DO NOT want to miss out on that opportunity! Also, please remember that there are no fishing license sales at the marina and that those must be secured else where ahead of time. Any questions, call me 216-387-2656

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